Expert Shipping Services

Secure the best shipping services to get your belongings to their destination in one place. At Postman Plus in Baltimore, Maryland, we ship virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you´re sending a letter to Lincoln or a sofa to Siberia, we can handle it!

Domestic & International Shipping

Choose the approach that is best for you. As a multi-carrier shipping center, we offer several shipping options:

• Overnight for Early A.M., 10:30 A.M, Noon,
  or Afternoon Delivery-Guaranteed
• Two-Day Delivery-Guaranteed
• Three-Day Delivery-Guaranteed
• Ground Service to Any Address in the U.S
• First Class Mail
• Priority Mail
• Parcel Post
• International Service to Over 200 Countries
• Freight & Air Cargo services


Shipping Boxes - Shipping Services

US Postal Products & Services

Our company provides all of those important products and services that you get from the United States Postal Services. These include:

• Postage Stamps
• First Class Mail
• Priority Mail
• Express Mail
• International Mail
• Global Express Guaranteed
• Postal Insurance
• Certified Mail
• Return Receipt Requested
• Delivery Confirmation
• Private Mailbox Rental
• Large Mail Metering


Freight & Air Cargo

Bring your personal items that are too big to heave, or too weird to put in a box and send via FedEx, UPS, or U.S Mail. We specialized in freight, LTL (less than a full truckload), and air cargo shipping. We can ship:


• Furniture
• Cars
• Heavy Equipment
• Large Artwork
• Computer Systems
• Auto Parts
• Entire Households
• Medical Equipment


Mailbox Rental

Renting a private mailbox is the most efficient way to receive your mail and packages. Small office and home office business operators have used private mailboxes for decades to help manage their business. Private citizens use them for safety, security, and convenience. Here are some benefits of renting a private mailbox from us:


• Free package Receiving
• Free "Mail Check"
• Mail Forwarding
• Anonymity & Privacy
• Permanent Address


U-Haul Rental

We rent all of the necessary equipment to ensure successful shipping. Big or small, we rent:


• Trucks
• Trailers
• Car Transports
• Dollys & Moving Supplies
• One-Way & Round-Trip Rentals
• Daily or Weekly


Contact us to ensure your personal effects are properly handled with our expert shipping services.